Sweet Team

Behind every delightful bite of Paçoca, there's a team of innovators, blending traditional Brazilian essence with modern flair. Dive in and get to know the sweet minds crafting the future of DeFi.

Mr. Peanuts

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Engineered web solutions for global banks, real estate, and startups in Canada and Brazil. Has experience in creating DeFi solutions and possesses a deep understanding of Web3.



A creative entrepreneur with a decade of experience, crafted hundreds of successful campaigns for clients worldwide by merging innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology.

Layer Cake

Designer / Marketing

Highlights digital and physical campaigns as a Creative Art Director with a longstanding presence in the digital realm. Executes high-quality advertising across both mediums.


Human Relations and Resources

An experienced HR professional dedicated to cultivating a healthy and productive work environment. Proficient in facilitating effective communication that drives consistent organizational advancements.


Vice-President of Engineering A full-stack developer with a broad skill set spanning Solidity contracts, web technologies, and low-level programming, specializes in optimizing codes for peak performance.


Senior Software Engineer

Develops friendly interfaces and robust APIs to build solid applications.


Community Moderator

Committed to elevating communication, their extensive background in the photography industry deepens their dedication to delivering exceptional customer service.

Agent P.A

Community Moderator

Passionately committed to enhancing communication between clients and teams. Their background in a multinational web2 corporation fuels their appreciation for customer support.

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