Initial supply of 100,000,000 $PACOCA, including:

ICO (10%): This represents our initial sale of $PACOCA to the public. We launched this to gather funds and kickstart our project. The figure indicates the amount of $PACOCA we initially offered to our first investors.

Partnerships (5%): This portion is reserved for joining forces with other platforms or organizations. Through these strategic partnerships, we aim to expand Paçoca's influence, enhance its capabilities, and integrate seamlessly with other platforms.

Airdrops (8%): Airdrops are a way we distribute $PACOCA tokens to certain holders as bonuses or promotions. This percentage shows the tokens we've allocated for such distributions.

Development (15%): This allocation is focused on Paçoca's ongoing growth and improvement. It funds various aspects, from software upgrades to other developmental necessities, ensuring the platform's continuous progression.

Initial Liquidity (2%): To guarantee that users can easily trade $PACOCA, especially in its early stages, this allocation ensures there's enough liquidity in decentralized exchanges.

Farming (60%): Farming allows users to lock in their assets with us and in return, earn rewards. This significant allocation represents the rewards set aside for these dedicated users, fostering engagement and liquidity on Paçoca.

As a result of a governance proposal, the initial max supply of 100,000,000 $PACOCA was removed.

How to Buy $PACOCA

$PACOCA is the heart of the Pacoca.io platform. As our native token, it's designed with multiple functions both for now and the future:

  • Governance: Influence the platform's direction and decisions.

  • Auto-Compounding Vaults: Boost your earnings through reinvested rewards.

Purchasing $PACOCA is straightforward. Access it directly from the integrated DEX on our platform: Buy $PACOCA.

Use Cases Highlight: Vaults & Governance

The power of $PACOCA extends beyond just trading:

  • Rewarding Vaults: Engage with our auto-compounding vaults that continually generate $PACOCA rewards.

  • Active Governance: Propose improvements, endorse new features, or integrate portfolios. Your voice shapes the platform.

  • Diverse Proposals: Not just confined to the BNB Chain. Suggest integrations for any EVM-compatible blockchain, including Polygon and Fantom.

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