How does it work?

Paçoca’s team opens a poll that will be available for a period of time so that people who invest in $PACOCA can vote. Each $PACOCA is worth a vote, whoever has more tokens has more weight in the vote than whoever has less.
Voting is free, you won’t spend any tokens or gas. 🥰

Who can vote?

To be able to participate in the governance, you need to ensure that you have $PACOCA:
  • On your wallet and/or;
  • Staking in any vault that involves $PACOCA.
Don’t have $PACOCA yet? You can buy it at Paçoca's exchange.

How to vote?

It’s really easy, just follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to, tap on “More” and “Vote” at the footer, or click here to go direct to the proposals.
Step 2: Connect your wallet by tapping the button at the top of the voting page.
Step 3: Choose the open proposal to vote.
Step 4: Select your preferred option and tap on “Vote".
Done! Your voting is already being counting, and now just wait for the final result. 🎉
So, you already bought your $PACOCA to participate in the future of the platform?