Sweet Vaults

Amplify your rewards!

What Are Sweet Vaults? Crafted with precision by the Paçoca Team, Sweet Vaults are designed to boost your rewards, optimizing your profit potential. These vaults enhance our current yield strategy, seamlessly integrating with Pacoca’s existing pools. The result? A sustainable increase in any pool's APY, letting you earn more from farming your preferred coins.

How Do Sweet Vaults Operate?

  1. Users deposit into the smart contract.

  2. The contract then channels the deposit to third-party platforms like Masterchef (for instance, PancakeSwap).

  3. Rewards generated from your deposit get auto-claimed, converted to $PACOCA, and subsequently deposited in the Auto PACOCA pool. This not only elevates the APY but safeguards your principal.

Concerned About PACOCA Rewards Affecting Its Price?

On the contrary, Sweet Vaults consistently uplift Pacoca's value. How? By transforming staked token rewards into Pacoca, creating perpetual buying pressure. As Sweet Vaults' Total Value Locked (TVL) grows, your Pacoca becomes even more enticing!


1. Have the Sweet Vault Contracts Been Audited? Absolutely! The Sweet Vault smart contract underwent a thorough audit by the esteemed Inspex. View the complete audit here.

2. What About Sweet Vault Fees? Here's a breakdown:

  • Withdrawal Fee: 1% (for withdrawals within 3 days)

  • Keeper Fee: 0.5% of profits

  • Platform Fees: 5% of profits (allocated to DAO fund)

3. How Is APY Determined? We use a specific code segment to compute APY, which factors in both daily $PACOCA Auto-Compounding Vault APR and earnings from staked assets like $CAKE:

const getSweetApy = ({ stakedAPR, pacocaAPR }) => {
    const dailyStakingReward = stakedAPR / 36500
    const dailyPacocaReward = pacocaAPR / 36500

    let sweetAPY = dailyStakingReward

    for (const i of Array(364))
        sweetAPY = sweetAPY + sweetAPY * dailyPacocaReward + dailyStakingReward

    return sweetAPY * 100

This function accumulates past earnings and multiplies them by the daily $PACOCA Auto-Compounding Vault APR and adds earnings from the staked asset (i.e. $CAKE).

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