Network risk trusts the BNB Chain. Although if it fails or there are issues, may also fail. It’s an unlikely scenario, but the possibility shouldn’t be discarded.

Consumer-side risk

Risks also exist on the consumer side, involving the user’s own software, hardware and operations security. There is always the possibility of a bug or exploitation of a user’s own browser, operating system, or hardware, which could result in a loss of funds. advises that users educate themselves on user-side security before using or any decentralized application.

Smart Contract risk

Smart contracts may contain bugs, which may cause unexpected behavior. also interacts with smart contracts from other DeFi applications, but only as a “shortcut” for their features, like deposit, harvest, and exchange, that are connected via API. That said, if any third-party contract shows symptoms of failure, those symptoms may be reflected on If something like that happens, Pacoca’s team will disable such interactions as soon as possible.

Privacy risk currently doesn't store any user data on its servers, it only reads public data from the blockchain and other DApps, therefore not having any risks of data leaks.

Financial risk

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and their prices may change quickly, therefore it’s advised not to invest more than you are willing to lose. is not liable for price changes, its goal is only to provide utility to the token.

Tax disclaimer cannot provide tax or accounting advice to users. A user’s tax rules and regulations are specific to their jurisdiction. For any tax or accounting purposes, recommends consulting a tax and accounting professional.