Speeding up transactions

Networks congestions are more usual than it should be. With the currently explosion of users using DeFi across all chains out there, during your journey you will probably find yourself congested on the blockchain that you are operating, waiting what seems like years to have a transaction indexed on the mainnet. That's where speeding up transactions or changing the RPC became a useful tool to be knowledge of.

How to speed up transactions?

Your gas price is a bid to the network to process your transaction sooner, that means that higher gas results in a faster transaction indexed on the blockchain.
Submitting a transaction with a lower gas price than usual can save you a bit, but it may be possible that the transaction will take a longer time to be processed, if it is at all. But that delay on transactions to be processed can also happens using the usual gas price for the chain, due to massive congestions (high amount of transactions waiting for be indexed on the blockchain).
In this case, you can try the following options:
  • Speeding up the transaction directly on the crypto wallet that you are using;
  • If the transaction failed, try again manually setting a higher gas price or/and higher gas limit;
  • Changing the mainnet RPC.